10 fast growing trees to plant in the garden

Unfortunately, nature cannot be forced to go faster when it comes to tree growth. But to the delight of the most eager garden lovers, some are faster than others. And even if it is not a question of a miraculous shoot, it is still a good start to decorate your garden!

1. Japanese larch

If the growth of this majestic tree is rather shy the first three years after planting, it can grow more thanone meter in height in one year afterwards ! Be careful not to plant it too close to the house or other trees.

japanese larch
Credits : Wikimedia Commons / Σ6

2. Jacaranda

Native to South America, this tree offers a beautiful blooming purple flowers. Provided it is not planted in the open air, it will flourish perfectly. It is best to place it in a sunny spot in the garden.

jacaranda purple tree
Credits: iStock/pulpitis

3. Mountain ash

Besides the fact that it has a rapid growth, this tree flourishes easily, whatever the nature of the soil. It is also very attractive to birds which are fond of its red berrieswhich also bring a little color to the garden.

mountain ash
Credits : Pixabay /Fundacja_Poblize

4. The catalpa

In addition to its bright green foliage, the catalpa seduces with the white flowers that adorn its foliage in summer. Very valued for the shade it brings, it should however be planted sheltered from the wind to preserve as much as possible its intact leaves.

catalpa tree
Credits: iStock/MaYcaL

5. L’eucalyptus gunnii

Generally speaking, eucalyptus is probably one of the fastest growing trees – up to 2 meters in a year! This variety in particular does not fail to seduce thanks to its leaves which remain in place all year round, offering flamboyant colors in the fall.

eucalyptus gunnii
Credits: iStock/Yolya