3 reasons to adopt green plants

Indoor plants are often thought of as mere decorations, when in fact they have many benefits for our body. In addition, there are hundreds of different plants to green your interior. This is one more good reason not to deprive yourself of it. Here are three reasons to adopt green plants at home!

1. Breathe easier

Plants and humans have different respiration systems. Our body takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide unlike plants which take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. So, plants provide extra oxygen. However, during the night, this process of photosynthesis stops and all the plants start releasing CO2. It is therefore necessary to place your indoor plants in a different room from the one where you sleep, except for the cactus which is one of the rare plants capable of absorbing CO2 and rejecting oxygen at night.

More generally, there are many varieties of green plants that will allow you to live better on a daily basis. You can even order it directly online through sites that offer this type of service. Thus, you will no longer need to leave your home: we deliver your plant directly to your door!

2. Purifier l’air

Plants absorb some of the harmful substances in the air! Thus, they can in particular allow you to reduce dust by 20% since it is driven directly towards the soil.

Some plants will also be used as depollutants, such as the Areca palm which is recognized as one of the best air purifiers!

3. An anti-depression effect

Having a green environment is visually pleasing, but did you know that taking care of plants for about 30 minutes a day also helps to reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and feel more positive emotions? Thanks to this moment of gardening, you indeed take a mental break and reduce your stress. They would even reduce physical discomfort and blood pressure. The plants would therefore act on the psychological and physiological level. Fabulous!Office green plants© iStock/Tanya Paton

Moreover, it is recognized that having plants in the office has a de-stressing effect and a positive impact on productivity! They also reduce fatigue, sore throats and headaches.