3 trees with golden foliage to see in the fall

When autumn arrives, when the leaves of the trees begin to change color, we sometimes witness sublime colorful spectacles where the trees seem to be covered in golden leaves. Here are 3 trees with golden foliage to see in the fall among the flamboyant colors of the autumn landscape.

1) Virginia tulip tree

This ornamental tree can measure up to 35 m in height and can live up to 500 years! If you want to plant this magnificent specimen, know that it will thrive in cool, deep and fertile soil. For exposure, a place in partial shade will be perfect, because direct exposure to the sun could harm the development of its foliage. When winter arrives, its leaves will gradually change color and become golden yellow. In addition, when it is mature enough to flower (usually after about ten years), you can admire very beautiful orange flowers in the spring.

Virginia Tulip Liriodendron tulipifera
Credits: STEPHANE ETIENNE / iStock

2) Ornamental maple

Many ornamental maple trees turn into a fire tree in the fall with hues ranging from red to orange to brown. Among these varieties of maple, we will retain the flat maple (Acer platanoides) which, in the fall, will assert a golden yellow color. Other species start with the same color then turn to a more ocher or red color as the season progresses.

Acer platanoid maple
Credits: jessicahyde / iStock

3) Le ginkgo biloba

The ginkgo biloba, also called maidenhair tree, reveals a magnificent golden robe. If you wish to acquire a ginkgo biloba, you should know that there is a male tree and a female tree. The female tree produces fruits with not very appetizing odors and which make the ground slippery. These fruits generally appear after about twenty years.

Finally, there are many other trees with a golden robe when autumn arrives. We can find beech, birch, but also the caramel tree known for its very pleasant smell.

Ginkgo biloba
Credits: iStock