5 indoor plants that thrive in direct sunlight

Many plants don’t like full sun. The rays risk burning the foliage. However, in our interiors, the only places where it is possible to put our plants are often located behind the windows. Luckily, there are plants in nature that will be perfectly comfortable facing the direct rays of our star.

1) Racket Cactus

The prickly pear, recognizable thanks to its prickly rackets, reveals very colorful flowers. Not at ease in humid places, it will do very well in a place exposed to full sun, even if it resists negative temperatures. Requiring a well-drained soil, a mixture of earth and sand will be perfect to provide it with the nutrients necessary for its growth.

prickly pear
Credits: Lina Moiseienko / iStock

2) Sansevieria

Also called mother-in-law’s tongue, this plant with vertical, twisted foliage will bring greenery to your sunny room. In addition to a place well exposed to the sun, the room should never fall below 13°C.

Credits: KatiaMaglogianni / Pixabay

3) For Crassula plants

This plant, like many other species of succulents, acclimatizes very well to the sun. Depending on the variety, it will be able to offer particularly aesthetic foliage to embellish your room. However, avoid humid places and keep a constant temperature close to 20°C.

Crassula jade tree
Credits: TuJardínDesdeCero / Pixabay

4) Le Saracenia

This carnivorous plant known for its tube-shaped leaves will attract small insects to the house for food. The earth must be constantly moist, because its natural environment is rather marshy. To do this, place the plant on a dish with clay balls and water to recreate its humid environment.

sarracenia plante carnivore
Credits: Gleti / iStock

5) Dipladenia creeper

With an impressive bloom, the Dipladenia produces trunk-shaped flowers that last from spring to autumn. This plant is perfect for dressing up a veranda. Grown in pots, it will need rich, well-draining soil for its growth and production of fragrant flowers.

dipladenia mandevilla
Credits: Victoria1988 / iStock