Garrya elliptica: planting, growing and care

To beautify your garden in any season, the Garrya elliptica is ideal. This shrub with gray-green kittens which measures between 2 and 3 meters flowers in spring and winter. It will sublimate the garden even during the cold season. The kittens produced during the flowering period measure about twenty centimeters in length. Then, over time, they give rise to fruits of a purple color. Discover all our tips for growing the garrya elliptica shrub.

Where, when and how to plant Garrya elliptica?

The most important step before planting this shrub is the choice of place. Indeed, it will not bear to be transplanted. The place should be sunny and sheltered from the wind. A well-drained and rather light soil will be perfect for its growth. Planting is done at the onset of spring. For this, make a pit with a depth of 30 centimeters. A layer of a sand and gravel mixture at the bottom of the hole will improve drainage. Then install the shrub and fill in the hole, tamping down well. Finish with a generous watering.

Garrya elliptica long silky catkins shrub
Credits: Marjan Cermelj / iStock

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This shrub does not require any special attention once it is well established. Just remember to water it regularly during the first year after planting so that it acclimatizes as well as possible with the soil.

A cleaning of dead branches must be done in the spring so as not to interfere with flowering.
Additionally, this small tree is not prone to disease and has no known pests. The only enemy it can have is the wind, because the latter will dry out the leaves and turn them brown.


It is quite possible to propagate this shrub thanks to cuttings or layering. The fact that there are male and female feet makes sowing more complicated, because the female foot is less aesthetic.