How to make an eternal rose?

Roses are very popular flowers, to be adopted on many occasions, either for decoration or as a gift. Like any plant, the real problem with these is that they end up withering very quickly. Would you like to have roses that never fade? Read the rest of this article to learn all about it.

How are they made?

The eternal roses are very popular for decoration and even for romantic evenings.

what is an eternal rose?

Let’s start by comparing them to classic roses. In principle, a completely natural rose takes two days to fade completely. Not very practical as a gift or decoration for the home! The best way to permanently remedy this type of situation is to opt for stabilized roses also called eternal roses.

These have the ability to last for several years. The most incredible is the fact that they do not tarnish at all and that they are able to retain their freshness and color over time. Get one at this eternal rose shop.

eternal rose
Credits: Yauheni Rak / iStock

How is an eternal rose made?

Eternal roses are made in a very simple and easy way. You can also reproduce them at home. The most important element of manufacturing remains the vegetal glycerine. Then, of course, you will need a rose and some water.

Start by getting yourself a rose. If you have some in your garden, it’s even easier. If necessary, you will have to go directly to a florist to buy one. Then make sure it’s completely covered in petals and that it is of a color which you really like.

Using a gardeners knife or pliers, start by cutting your stem on the diagonal so that it forms a 45° angle. At the same time, make sure your stem does not exceed the 15 cm in terms of length. Then remove all the green leaves. Take a glass, clay or plastic jar and mix 250 ml of water and 125 ml of glycerin in it.

Finally, dip your rose in this liquid and let it evaporate. Once out of this mixture, your rose becomes eternal.

How to decorate your home with eternal roses?

Today there are several video tutorials and tips on the internet with the aim of allowing you to easily decorate your home with eternal roses. First, it is essential to note that it all depends on your personal taste. It is essential to adopt a decoration that can satisfy you.

Second, favor large spaces to decorate with eternal roses. In this way, they are better valued. Finally, choose glass domes. It gives your decor a clearer and more refined style.

In addition, avoid leaving your eternal roses too exposed to the sun’s rays as much as possible (this could reduce their lifespan). Don’t constantly water your eternal rose like a regular plant, or it will deteriorate. Just dust it and spray it occasionally.