How to save water in the garden?

2. Recycle water

Reusing cooking water or rinsing water from vegetables? We think of it with cold water, but the cooking water is just as valid once cooled! Convenient when cooking pasta, rice or even steamed vegetables.

3. Mulch crops

In order to keep the ground cool, themulch is the ideal solution. Wood chips, grass clippings, shredded prunings… anything natural is good for making homemade mulch that protects crops, limits weeds, and acts as a water retainer. The magic recipe is to spread it in a 5 cm thick layer around the crops. This will help retain freshness and prevent the proliferation of wild weeds.

zucchini in mulch
Credit: svehlik/iStock

4. Store rainwater

The most practical solution to save water is to rainwater storage. How to proceed ? Simply connect the downspouts to a water tank, tank, tank or cistern. Once the storage system is installed and the reserve filled, all you have to do is connect it to a watering pump to effortlessly collect the quantity of water needed. The water pump can also be installed in a well or a pond.

rainwater storage barrel
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Convenient when you’re away for a short time, the dropper water dispenser allows gradual and continuous watering. Another technique: the wicks inserted a few centimeters into the ground, which moisten the potted plants by capillarization.