Pachira: planting, cultivation and care

The pachira is a very original indoor plant. Its trunk is swollen and knotty, which is what gives it this much appreciated charm. Accustomed to tropical temperatures, pachira is grown in pots in our latitudes. Moreover, its potting is a particularly important step to hope to see it flourish. Here are all our tips for properly maintaining the pachira.

La plantation

Planting refers to potting or repotting, as pachira is usually found potted outside of its natural environment. Choose one that is pierced to facilitate drainage. Add clay pebbles or gravel. The soil must be of good quality.

This tropical plant only grows outside in strict climate conditions: it needs a lot of heat and good humidity.

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Cultivation and maintenance

Pachira is a tropical plant, so it is grown indoors in our latitudes. Place it in a bright room, but out of direct sunlight. To maintain good humidity, the trick is to spray the foliage with water regularly. As for the ambient air, it should not be too dry at the risk of seeing the tips of the leaves turn brown.

You can apply fertilizer for green plants in spring, but especially not during vegetative rest. Pruning is not necessary, but if you wish you can cut above an eye to stimulate growth.

Watering should be regular and rather generous. However, be careful with excesses, because the roots must not stagnate in the water at the risk of seeing your plant rot. However, the soil should not dry out. So be sure to keep it fresh in all seasons. Keep in mind, however, that its water needs decrease during the winter. Then water it only when the surface is dry.

Anyway, you will quickly see if there is a problem in watering, because when it does not feel well the leaves of the pachira curl up or droop.