The role of the gardener

When you are lucky enough to have a garden, it is pleasant to have a good time there, provided that it is well maintained and nicely decorated to make you feel good there. But maintaining a garden is not within everyone’s reach. Indeed, it requires a little endurance, strength and above all, a little knowledge of gardening. Find out what the job of a gardener is all about!

What is the difference between a landscaper and a gardener?

These two professions aim to embellish your garden. But the landscapers rather, they will carry out exterior construction work, such as a driveway, low walls, etc., while the gardener will take care of your plants.

The landscaper redesigns your exterior starting from a base or from scratch. It accompanies you throughout the construction of the garden. He will advise you on the plants to install and the materials to use if you want to build a terrace, a pond or even a small waterfall.

The gardener intervenes after all that. He interviewt your garden. This involves mowing the lawn, raking dead leaves, turning your land, pruning your trees, planting pretty flowers and shrubs. It also helps you take care of the plants if they are affected by diseases or pests. These are tasks that can be tedious.

Raking dead leaves
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When to call a gardener?

The exterior of your home matters as much as the interior. It’s the first thing you and your guests see when you arrive at your home, before you walk through the door. It is therefore not to be neglected.

Some tasks can be done by yourself, but if you want a real professional work, it’s high time to call a gardener! He will be able to provide you with additional advice and you will be able to pursue other occupations. We know how precious having free time is. During this time, you can go shopping, enjoy family activities or simply enjoy some time at home.

You save your back, your arms, and you will find your garden changed! In addition, you will not need to have all the material at home. The gardener comes with his own tools!

In addition, you can chat with him so that he gives you some tips for maintaining your garden on a daily basis.

Having a beautiful garden adds value to your home. Indeed, it makes it possible to increase the selling price by 5% to 10%.

What are the tasks required of the gardener?

The gardener can carry out brush clearing, weeding, tree pruning, sodding, soil fertilization, soil preparation, prevention of the proliferation of pests and diseases. It can also take care of plants, trim hedges, mow the lawn, etc.

He has a real knowledge of each type of plant. He will be able to direct you in the purchase of flowers, trees and shrubs according to the exposure of your garden and your preferences.