Which plants to grow under trees?

The flowers at the foot of the trees give a crazy charm to the landscape. However, it is not easy for them to obtain all the resources essential to their survival when the larger tree is already using the nutrients from the soil. Rain is also more difficult to access since the leaves of the tree filter it. However, some plants do this very well and beautify the base of the tree. Here is a list of flowers you can grow under trees.

For deciduous trees with dense leaves

1) Snowdrops

These little bells appreciate cool soils and shady corners. In addition, snowdrops are melliferous.

Credits: sunflair / Pixabay

2) Cyclamen

Choose botanical cyclamen and not cyclamen for indoor cultivation. The rependum or Naples cyclamen will feel great under a tree.

Credits : Armenian / Pixabay

3) Epimedium

The flower of the elves is a ground cover plant which will perfectly vegetate the foot of the tree. This flower appreciates cool soils, but not limestone!

Elves flower Epimedium grandiflorum
Credits: gyro / iStock

For deciduous trees with fine foliage

1) Periwinkle

Periwinkle is also a ground cover plant. It is found naturally in the undergrowth, cool and in the shade. It will dress the foot of the tree wonderfully.

Vinca minor petite periwinkle
Credits: Iva Vagnerova / iStock

2) Perennial Geranium

Perennial geraniums have the advantage of having a very long flowering time! You will therefore be able to enjoy it for as long as possible at the foot of your trees. Geraniums form a very attractive carpet of flowers.

Credits: birgl / Pixabay

3) Brunner

Brunnera strongly resembles forget-me-nots. Moreover, it is nicknamed Caucasian forget-me-not. Particularly hardy, you will appreciate its blue flowers as much as its fluffy, silvery foliage.

Brunnera macrophylla
Credits: Imladris01 / iStock

Under the evergreen trees

1) Heather

Heather is the winter plant par excellence. It adapts to all temperatures.

summer heather Calluna vulgaris 'Marlies'
Credits: Sinicakover / iStock

2) Spurge

Euphorbia adapts to any environment, even poor soils.

Euphorbia characias blue spurge
Credits: Zaizev / iStock

3) Hosta

It is not uncommon to find this perennial plant under conifers. Its ribbed heart-shaped foliage will not leave you indifferent.

Credits: SvetlanaKlaise / iStock